March 16, 2012

I have just gotten engaged.


And my husband-elect and I have just started taking our wedding preparations seriously. 

We have been scouring around the internet so we can find the perfect post ceremony of our wedding day. Our church, the Shrine of St. Therese, is the best church for us. My family, is not into church-devotee but we are Catholics. On the other hand, my fiancee’s family is truly connected to St. Therese, devotees and so, it’s final. Compared to other couples, our families will have no reason to discuss, argue regarding where the ceremony will be. Just one word and it’s final. Shrine of St. Therese, it is.


I don’t know if what I did was normal, but instead of thinking of what I wanted as my gown, I just got into the color wheel. I wanted to see what colors we can come up with, to combine with the rich color of champagne. The ever classic light gold with a crisp and bounce of its bubbles, and mind you, the champagne can be paired with the light pink ‘rose’ champagne. The color wheel has just turned tricky and wicked having imagined them together. All I need were strong colors to accent the main shades. 


Amethyst, Cerize Pink, Emeralds and Jades, and Amber (nearest stone that we could find to represent champagne). 

The major accent will be RED and the main background is champagne. Then the rest of the stones colors will represent the accents that can be found everywhere. It sounds like a hell of a color wheel, but if you are my stylist, I think you’d understand what’s going on in my head.

Because of this, I have immediately decided to have the head dresses done by an acquaintance from Baguio who does everything by hand. So, to keep everything affordable on our side of the deal, we want everything done personally. I asked her to create a sample hair pin for us. With just one conversation, she was able to send me a sample pin after a week. AND SHE GOT ALL THE COLORS SPOT ON! So, I have got one supplier, checked on my list. I know she can pull it off. Its one of the small things, but its nice to have it done already. Since the colors has something to do with the theme in general, I was able to bounce back from my worries and continue the preparations. 


The big word, VENUE. 

I have been calling the BLUE LEAF for a couple of weeks and so far I wasn’t able to get through their ever busy phone lines. Until one day, March 12, 2012 I finally got through, they’ve told me, that on the day of our wedding, all three pavilions have already been booked. They have been booked since last year and the last pavilion, SILK, the one I wanted, because it’s rounded shape, was booked just a few weeks ago. What a shame. But then I didn’t feel all that bad since the person who answered my call was so nice, she didn’t make me feel like a failure. Although she did mention that December 17 was still open, but that’s not my wedding date. OUR church comes first.


Good thing, Phoeben Teocson agreed to do our wedding videography. He was our first choice, same like our church. My fiancee and Phoeben go a long way back and it looks like we are going to have much fun in this case. I haven’t met him and his wife before, but then when I did over dinner a few nights ago, I immediately felt like I’m going to laugh until my tummy ached. Gen, Phoeben’s wife and partner, is very sweet whilst Phoeben is more like my fiancee, only that he’s slim. Both creative, both with very wide imagination (which is great!!!) and both can take your nerves out of your system so you can produce good results. I, on one hand, am a very cautious person, but then they were able to keep me off guard and laugh sooooo loud that people in the restaurant were looking.


We attended the Bridal Fair on March 10, 2012. We were introduced to Paul Vincent, a charming guy who automatically had a connection with me, but when he asked when our wedding day is, he found out that he had just been booked. Here’s the catch, 30 MINUTES EARLIER.  If only we didn’t get stuck in traffic, the booking could have been us.


Face full of frustration and I was about to get teary eyed ( I saw how Phoeben and Paul Vincent are when they’re together so I assumed there’d be no problem at all when they start working our wedding…) and when Gen saw me, she started telling me there’s no reason YET to feel frustrated, since there are still so many options to choose from. And there we met our photographers, Jayson and Joanne Arquiza. My fiancee is a Batangueño, and there came the common things. Jayson is a Batangueño as well. Then the two of them started talking, lots of things to talk about like where in Batangas are you from, this and that… and came in Phoeben (he’s at the Fair as well) and there goes the party. We were all so noisy, (actually the three boys were noisy) and I got lost at the fair. I was looking around the printing area (the invitation area, as I would call it) and I bumped into this girl holding super baby cupcakes, marketing her products. I was about to grab one when my fiancee all of a sudden called, so I wasn’t able to grab any, but then she caught up to me handing me their business card and told me I can visit their shop anytime. When I looked at the business card, I saw she wrote her name on it and wrote the shop’s business hours. She was smiling warmly and waved at me as I walked to corner trying to find my way back to Jayson’s booth. Yes, I got lost. When I got back to Jayson’s booth, Paul Vincent was there, too, laughing with Phoeben, my fiancee and Jayson. They were having a great time! And every time I remember my fiancee’s smile on his face, how happy he was, enjoying the company of these people, I felt relieved. I don’t want to be working with people we have no good-vibes with. And then they started talking about the theme for the pre-nup… and all three boys turned into 12 year olds… they enjoyed scheming our wedding pre-nup video/photo as a Mafia love story, ala Ashong Salonga… really made me beserk! But hey, my fiancee is enjoying it. Talk about rates? Come on, just visit their websites. Just type their names and their websites will come up. Their not difficult to find… 🙂


And then when we got home, we were asked where our venue will be. I STILL HAVE NO ANSWER.

Who will go my bridal gown? I STILL HAVE NO ANSWER.

Well, it was just recently when we took the preparations seriously. SO, here’s the payment. WE NEED TO SCOUR THE INTERNET, OUR CONNECTIONS… EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY to make things work.


Wish us luck!